November 17, 2017

Hair Extensions After Care Tips

A woman’s hair is her glory and women across Melbourne commonly contact us for tips on how to achieve the best out of their hair, particularly when they have Hair Extensions. Women who have invested in high quality Remy Human Hair Extensions, deserve expert quality advice.  So here are some tips for caring for your Hair Extensions after visiting the salon. Shampooing and Conditioning Hair Extensions Avoid using Shampoos and Conditioners containing Sulfates.  What women often don’t realise is that Sulfate strips oil from the hair and this is the leading cause of hair breakage, as well as knotting and […]
November 14, 2017

The Secret, Hidden or Halo Hair Extensions

If you are a die hard fan of Hair Extensions, you might have heard about Secret Hair Extensions, Hidden Hair Extensions and Halo Hair Extensions.  All of these names refer to the same type of non-permanent Hair Extensions.  At Melbourne Human Hair Extensions we like to refer to them as the Halo Hair Extension. What is the Halo Hair Extension? The Halo Hair Extension is a transparent headband, attached to a Hair Extensions piece, with gentle but secure clips.  You simply slip the piece on, just like a “halo”. Why is it sometimes referred to as the Secret or Hidden […]
October 20, 2017

Why Human Hair Extensions Are So Popular?

Human Hair Extensions have gained so much popularity. I mean, who would not want to achieve the perfect look? Society has often associated the sight of long and full hair to youth and beauty. The amazing fact is that you can achieve any look without damaging your natural manes. Do you remember the celebrities you ogled and crushed on with their different haircuts and hairdos? I will tell you a little secret. Most of these looks can be attributed to the magic of Human Hair Extensions! It satisfies your hair obsessions whether it is just a simple haircut or a […]

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