Custom Made Ponytail Hair Extensions Range

Best Quality
Remy Hair Ponytails

Best Quality  <br />Remy Hair Ponytails
applied in under 60 seconds

in Seconds

Applied <br />in Seconds
for those not wanting permanent extensions


Ponytail<br />Extensions
simple application and removal

Huge Range
of Colours

Huge Range<br /> of Colours
We do not use synthetic hair

PROS & CONS of our Custom Made Clip In Ponytail Extensions

  • Simple to Use – rather than applying rows of Weft Hair Extensions and then trying to achieve a perfect ponytail, you can work with one piece. This ensures that you can seamlessly create a ponytail in seconds.
  • Price – if price is a determining factor, then clips in Ponytail Extensions are the perfect solution. They are almost half the cost of more permanent solutions and you can extend their life well beyond 12 months, as you will not be wearing them as regularly.
  • Quality – we have used the same 100% Remy Human Hair to create our Ponytail Hair Extensions as we have for our more permanent range. Our exceptionally soft and silky hair looks nothing like some of the cheap synthetic ponytails that are available in the market.
  • Colour Range – in most salons / online stores you have the choice of a limited colour range. Using the same hair that is used for our permanent Hair Extensions range, allows us to offer you a more extensive range of Ponytail Hair Extension colours.

Want an alternative to permanent Human Hair Extensions?


Here are the reasons why you should consider our range of Custom-Made Clip In Hair Extensions

How to apply our Custom-made Ponytail Hair Extension

  • Create a ponytail using your natural hair.
  • Tie the ponytail up using a regular hair elastic.
  • Using the small comb clip that is attached to the Ponytail Extension, secure the piece the top of your natural ponytail.
  • When the Ponytail Hair Extension feels secure and tightly fastened to your natural ponytail, wrap a small section of the Ponytail Extension around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.


April 18, 2017


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