Want to know more about Weft Hair Extensions?

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December 7, 2017
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Want to know more about Weft Hair Extensions?

Are you wondering what Weft Hair Extensions are? Want to learn a little more about how they differ from Tape Hair Extensions?

Let us provide you with a little more information on the revolutionary Weft Hair Extensions System.  We believe it is by far the best Hair Extensions technique available.

Weft Hair Extensions start as one long piece of 100% Remy Human Hair which is gently fed through a sewing machine and reinforced with secure stitching at the root area.  This prevents fraying or thinning of the hair.  Our aim is to ensure that the hair remains solidly in tact.

The beauty of Weft Hair Extensions is that the long piece of hair can be cut into sections or rows of hair, which are individually aligned with the client’s scalp size.  This makes the Weft Hair Extensions application technique highly customisable.

Another feature of the Weft Hair Extension is the ability of the Hair Extensions Stylist to add, remove or double each row of hair, to create the client’s desired thickness.  We love this flexibility.

Weft Hair Extensions differ considerably from Tape Hair Extensions.  Whilst Tape Hair Extensions are glued to the natural hair in small pieces, Weft Hair Extensions are applied without any glue, horizontally across the scalp in wide layers.  This makes it faster and simpler to apply and much easier to conceal the Hair Extensions beneath the natural hair.

Weft Hair Extensions are fastened to the natural hair with flat, lightweight, yet highly secure silicon microbeads.  Why is this an added benefit? Those who have had Tape Extensions they will understand the embarrassment that comes with unsightly pieces of tape showing when their head moves or their natural hair is swept up by the wind.  There is no risk of this with Weft Hair Extensions as the extensions come in wide pieces which span from the left side of the scalp to the right side of the scalp, making the hair less prone to any movement.  Plus, there is the added security of the firm silicon microbeads, which make it extra difficult for the Weft Hair Extensions to move from the position in which they are applied.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the quality of Weft Hair Extensions stocked at Melbourne Human Hair Extensions, you will be happy to know that we use only AAA grade 100% Remy Human Hair, which we have sourced ourselves.  It is soft, silky and it lasts for years if properly maintained and cared for.  A full head of Weft Hair Extensions is commonly 3 – 5 rows of hair and takes approximately one hour to apply.  Women either want increased length or volume (or some want both), so we supply hair which is a voluminous 110 grams and a lengthy 20 inches.  Of most importance, the hair is consistent in thickness from the roots to the very ends.  This is not commonly found at Hair Extensions salons.

Want to know more about Weft Hair Extensions, including the application process? Then phone our team of expert Hair Extensions Specialists on 0439 349 946.  They will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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