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Discover why our Weft application system is the most COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT Extensions for FINE, CAUCASION hair.

There is no doubt that Weft Hair Extensions are the best Hair Extensions technique on the market today.  There is however more than one way to apply for the Weft Extensions.  Let us run you through a few.

Microbead Weft Hair Extensions   ( Our unique system )

As a large proportion of women tend to have hair which is finer, less coarse in texture and straighter, we prefer the Microbead Weft Hair Extensions Technique for our Melbourne Human Hair Extensions clientele.

There is a huge list of advantages associated with Microbead Weft Hair Extensions.

One of the positives associate with Microbead Weft Extensions is the ‘tiny’ (3mm) silicon coated beads that are used to fasten the natural hair to the weft.  The silicon protects the natural hair and because the beads are so small, they sit totally flat on the scalp.

Most of our clients comment on how extremely light the wefts feel and many suggest that they often “forget they are wearing extensions”.  Oh and did we mention? Our clients report experiencing no discomfort.

When deciding on what Weft application technique best suits your natural hair type please consider the table below.

Also, read through our site for more information (and videos) on the Weft Hair Extensions technique and please phone us anytime on 0439349946 with questions or to arrange a consultation at our Melbourne CBD Salon (by appointment).

Traditional Sewn in Weave

The traditional Flat Track Weave system was and still remains very popular.  This system was designed for people with naturally thick hair, curly or coarser textured hair.

How does it work?

The stylist creates a track (plait) and then physically sew a weft onto the track.

Yes, there are some definite advantages of this technique for people with suitable hair but one of the disadvantages of this technique is that they feel bulky and heavy on the scalp.  They are also often visible.

For clients without the required hair type, we often receive reports of there being a certain amount of discomfort, particularly after they are first applied.