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Hair Extension Specilaist

“Hair Extensions should look like an extension of your natural hair, not Hair Extensions.

Travis George (Owner) Melbourne Human Hair Extensions

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Why Choose Our

Hair Extensions Specialists

I’m sure by now you have spent hours upon hours researching which Hair Extensions System is the best for you.  This includes searching the Internet, discussing options with girlfriends or even consulting your hairdresser.


Not only are you about to invest a substantial amount of your hard-earned money on your hair but you are also soon to purchase a product that requires time and effort to maintain.  This means it is imperative that you make an educated decision.


Whether you are seeking long, luscious hair or wanting to create more volume and body, there is a huge range of Hair Extension techniques available in the market.  Your biggest decision now is determining which system is best for your hair and lifestyle.


There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding on your preferred Hair Extensions system.



Many salons these day offer Hair Extensions as a service but not many hairdressers / Hair Salons specialise in Extensions.  That’s why Melbourne Human Hair Extensions is different.


If you were having trouble with your sinuses you would visit an Ear and Nose Doctor, so when you need Hair Extensions why would you not visit a Hair Extension Specialist, similar to Melbourne Human Hair Extensions?


Hair Extensions Specialists have vast knowledge of:


  • The type of Hair Extensions that will suit you.
  • How to apply the Hair Extensions.
  • Where to place the rows of Hair Extensions.
  • How to cut and blend the Hair Extensions in with your natural hair.



Below is a list of questions you should ask when seeking advice from a Hair Extensions Specialist:


  • Will the Extensions damage my natural hair?
  • What maintenance is required?
  • How often should I have the Hair Extensions re-applied?



  • Make sure the salons website has a dedicated Hair Extensions page.
  • Look at their Before and After Photos.
  • Research Aftercare Procedures / Recommendations and Products.
  • Research the Salon’s Hair Extensions Reviews, reading both positive and negative reviews.


Good luck with your decision.


Don’t hesitate to contact Travis at for any Hair Extension enquiries and / or advice.


Travis George (Hair Extension Specialist)

Owner Operator – Melbourne Human Hair Extensions

Proprietor of TG Hair Extensions.

30 years international hairdressing experience.

Remy Extensions

Our Estensions

stands out

Why Do our Remy Weft Human Hair Extensions Stand Out?

Weft Hair Extensions are rows of hair, rather than individual pieces. When the wefts are applied there is no use of glue and there is no painful / damaging weaving.

Most importantly there is no heat or bonding.

The natural look and feel of our Remy Human Hair Extensions is what makes the difference.

Melbourne Human Hair Extensions are committed to applying hair that looks and feels completely natural and is not noticeable to the naked eye.

Everyone around you will simply assume that you spent years growing out your gorgeous long hair!

What Can You Expect of TG Hair Extensions?

When you choose our Weft Remy Human Hair Extensions you will not have to worry about any damage to your natural hair. The team at Melbourne Human Hair Extensions use the most gentle silicone beads to keep the Hair Extensions secure, ensuring no damage to your natural hair.

The Hair Extensions are applied quickly (in less than one hour) and can be removed in minutes.

As they are so lightweight, we assure you that you will forget that you are actually wearing Hair Extensions!