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After Care

After Care

After Care Advice

is Our Specialty

We are committed to ensuring that our clients have the information they need to maintain their Hair Extensions. Remember, caring for your Weft Remy Human Hair Extensions will keep them looking better and will ensure that they last much longer.

We will issue you an After Care Sheet, which covers areas such as:

Shampoo Frequency

To avoid changing the PH balance of your hair too often and to reduce the time spent washing and drying your hair, it is recommended that you avoid washing your Human Hair Extensions more than 2 times per week. This allows the natural oils of your hair to coat your Hair Extensions, ensuring they stay moisturised and do not dry out too quickly. Dry Shampoo could be your new best friend.

Deep Conditioning

The best piece of advice that applies to maintaining your Hair Extensions and extending their longevity, is the application of a Leave in Conditioner after each shampoo and conditioner. A good quality Serum will also do the job. The purpose is to lightly coat the hair and protect the cuticle. It is also recommended that you deep condition your Hair Extensions once per week using an Intense Moisturising Treatment.<br />

Heat Protectants

If you choose to use heat styling tools on your Remy Human Hair Extensions, you must remember to first apply a high-quality Heat Protectant. This will shield your Hair Extensions from heat and keep them from becoming brittle. Extending the life span of your Human Hair Extensions is all about the products that you choose to use.

Be Gentle

It is important to remember that although your Human Hair Extensions may look incredibly natural, they must also be handled with care. For example, shampoo gently, be generous with a moisturising conditioner and always comb the conditioner through wet hair. When blowdrying only use a brush when the hair is 80% dry.


The best way to maintain smooth hair is to blow dry your Hair Extensions after washing. When doing so: • Be sure to apply a Heat Protector to the ends. • Blowdry on a medium heat, row by row. • Be gentle, as excessive tension may cause the silicon beads to loosen. • If you are wanting to use other styling products (e.g. hot iron, curler, etc.) ensure they are set on a low to medium heat.


• Gently brush your hair and remove any tangles before shampooing. • Apply shampoo to wet hair. • Gently massage the scalp by working your fingers horizontally between each row of hair (avoid circular motions as this can cause matting). • Rinse thoroughly, loosening the hair at the roots and ensuring that all product is removed. • Do not excessively scrub your hair, this will cause it to tangle. • Repeat if necessary.


• Try to avoid colouring your Hair Extensions. • If you (or a Hair Stylist) are intending on colouring your Hair Extensions we recommend that you perform a strand test before commencing. • Only apply ammonia free, Semi-Permanent Colours. • Do not bleach or lighten your Hair Extensions. • Avoid perming or chemically straightening your Hair Extensions.


Swimming in the ocean or chlorine can sometimes cause matting. As such we recommend that you wear a Swimming Cap to protect your Hair Extensions. If this is not possible, tie your hair in a high bun or a low plait with scrunchies (rather than hair bands / elastics). Also, when you exit the water, be sure to rinse your Hair Extensions thoroughly with fresh water and then shampoo and condi¬tion.


The sun and harsh weather conditions can leave your Hair Extensions looking and feeling dry. To counter balance this we recommend that you apply a Leave-In Conditioner / Moisturiser to your Hair Extensions before they are exposed to the elements.


• Do not go to bed with wet or damp hair. • To prevent your hair from matting while you sleep, either plait your hair in a low loose plait or gently clip the hair to the top of your head. • Avoid using elastic bands as this will matte the hair. •We recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase as this will prevent friction and tangling.