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t: 0439 349 946

Halo Hair Extensions



Have you heard about the incredible Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo Hair Extensions

Also referred to as ‘Secret Hair Extensions’ or ‘Hidden Crown Extensions’ the Halo is the newest and most exciting product in our range of Hair Extensions.

How does it work?
Rather than explain, we think you should scroll down and watch our video. You will be blown away by how simple the Halo Hair Extension is to apply and how effective the result is.

Watch the video now.


Why choose Melbourne human hair extensions for your Halo?

  • Our Halo is made from 100% Remy Human Hair NOT synthetic hair.
  • Our Halo has an adjustable, transparent wire which is not visible and can be adjusted to fit the size of your scalp.
  • Our Halo also has inbuilt clips which have been included to ensure that the piece is tightly fastened to the scalp.
  • Our Halo take less than 60 seconds to apply.
  • Our Halo can be removed in as little as 10 seconds.

Want to know what colour to choose?
Visit our Colour Page and give us a call on 0439 349 946 to discuss.

Halo Hair Extensions


Phone 0439 349 946 to arrange to visit our salon to purchase and take home your pre-made Halo Hair Extension today.

Halo Hair Extensions


Phone 0439 349 946 to order your Halo or purchase via our shop.  Halo delivered within 2-4 business days depending on pre-made or custom-made orders.

Halo Hair Extensions


Wanting a Halo of the highest quality that is custom made for you? Need a combination of colours mixed and matched? Phone 0439 349 946 for your custom-made Halo or arrange to visit us for a free consultation.

Halo Hair Extensions


We have two ranges of Halo Hair Extensions.  Our “High Quality Halo” is pre-made, excellent quality and lower in cost.  Our “Premium Quality Halo” is custom-made, the most exceptional quality hair and produced just for you.

Halo Hair Extensions


Whether you want a pre-made Halo or custom-made Halo you are welcome to phone or visit our salon for a free consultation.  Phone 0439 349 946 to arrange.

Halo Hair Extensions


We are experts at cutting and blending your Halo to suit your natural hairstyle and length. Speak to us about our Cut and Blend Service.


Want longer, fuller hair in minutes? ✅Does your need a break from permanent Hair Extensions? ✅

Have Hair Extensions preciously damaged your natural hair? ✅

Are you the type of person who does not really have the desire to maintain Hair Extensions on a full time basis? ✅

Do you live a lifestyle that does not suit having permanent Hair Extensions? e.g. Do you swim a lot 🏊🏻‍♀️, play lots of sport ⛹🏻‍♀️ etc. ✅


If you answered ✅ to any of these questions then we think the Halo Hair Extension might be the perfect solution for you. 💞

The Halo Hair Extension can be slipped on and off the crown 👑 of your head in seconds.

It is invisible, secure, comfortable.

The Halo Hair Extension was designed for women wanting the impact 💃🏻 that Hair Extension provide on a more temporary basis.

How does our Halo Hair Extension work we hear you ask? 🧐

It is as simple as:

  1. You phone 📞 us on 0439 349 946 to discuss your requirements.
  2. You decide whether you want High Quality or Premium Quality Hair
  3. You decide whether you want a pre-made or custom-made Halo
  4. We custom make the Halo Hair Extension for you.
  5. You either send us a selfie 🤳🏻 taken in natural light which shows us the length and tone of your hair or you visit 🚶🏻‍♀️ us at our Melbourne CBD Salon for a consultation.
  6. We colour match our Hair Extensions against your natural hair. 👩🏻‍👩‍👩🏽
  7. You either leave our salon with your pre-made Halo Hair Extension or we post your custom-made Halo Hair Extension to you within 3 business days.

Production time is 2 days. We normally have it posted 📬 to you within 48 hours and it reaches you on the 3rd business day.

If you need it faster 🛎🛎🛎, you can pick it up at the salon within 48 hours.

Did we just hear 👂🏻you say you have highlighted hair or are looking for a balayage effect?

You have hit the jackpot! 🎰 🎰🎰

The fact that we import our own hair and custom make the Halo Hair Extension makes it very simple for us to mix and match colours to create your desired Halo Hair Extension effect! 👩‍👩🏻‍👩🏽

Oh and you wanted know how it is fastened on?

Sure thing!

The one piece Halo is fastened with a secure, invisible and extremely lightweight piece of clear, soft wire. Not brittle wire, more like gentle fishing rod wire. 🎣

Hope that helps explain it.

As we always have our full range of colours in stock, why not drop into our salon and have our Halo Hair Extensions Specialist answer any of your questions and better still, show you a sample of the hair. 👁👁👁

As with our entire range, we only use 💯% Remy Human Hair, so we promise it will not look tangled or knotty or of poor quality. Your Halo Hair Extension will leave you with a soft, sleek and silky look (and feel) ❤️💜🧡💛.

Wanting to take advantage of our Halo Hair Extension Afterpay Service? Have a chat to us about this at your consultation. 🗣

Phone us now on 0439 349 946 with questions or to book in a consult 💋💋💋


Premium / High

Premium: Highest quality European, 100% Remy Human hair, double drawn, consistent thickness from roots to ends.

High: Highest quality Indian, 100% Remy Human hair, double drawn, consistent thickness from roots to ends.


100% Remy Premium quality Hair – 20 Inches / 120 Grams – $370

100% Remy High quality Hair – 20 Inches / 120 Grams – $259

100% Remy Premium quality Hair – 20 Inches / 140 Grams – $400

100% Remy High quality Hair – 20 Inches / 140 Grams – $279

100% Remy Premium quality Hair – 20 Inches / 160 Grams – $430

100% Remy High quality Hair – 20 Inches / 160 Grams – $299

Colour Match Guidelines

Are you finding it difficult to work out which colour would be the closest match to your natural hair?
Would you like one of our expert Hair Extensions Stylists to help you decide?
We are here to help.

Please fill out the form directly below and one of our highly trained Hair Extensions experts will assess your requirements and walk you through the process step-by-step.

How to Take the Best Quality Photo for Colour Match Purposes

    1. 1.Have someone take a photo of your hair in ‘natural light’. To achieve this, it is best that you take the photo outdoors and that you are not standing in ‘direct sunlight’.
    1. 2.Have the person take a few photos of the back of your head (full length from top to bottom). No front or side profiles needed.
    1. 3.Do not utilise any Smartphone filters.
Halo Hair Extensions


What type of hair is the Halo Hair Extension made from?

We use 100% Remy European Hair. The hair is double drawn and there are no wispy ends. The Halo is 110 grams in weight and consistent in thickness from roots to ends.

Can I order a thicker Halo Hair Extension?

Yes, we custom make the Halo to your specifications. We can add weight (beyond 110 gms) if you require a thicker Halo.

Can I order a Halo Hair Extension for two toned highlighted hair?

Yes, we can mix and match colours to create any colour combination.

How long will the Halo Hair Extension last?

Over 12 months. The better you take care of your Halo Hair Extensions, the longer they will last. We recommend that you treat the hair as you would permanent Hair Extensions or your natural hair (see our aftercare page).

Here is an example of a photo taken by one of our clients. The photo was taken outside but not in direct sunlight. This provides us with a good indication of their current hair colour.
Please complete the form below and attach the required photo of your hair. We will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Attach Photo:
The file extension must be one of the following filetypes: jpg, png, bmp, gif, pdf, tiff, svg
Halo Hair Extensions


We do not accept refunds but we are very happy to exchange your Secret Hidden Halo Hair Extension if you determine that it was not the best colour match for your natural hair.


Please follow these steps to have your exchange processed:

  • Email the Melbourne Human Hair Extensions Team at within 7 days of receiving your purchase to advise that you would like to exchange your Halo Hair Extension. The email must contain your original order number, the colour that you purchased and the colour that you would like to replace the order with.

Note: Only one refund will be accepted. Customers are not permitted to continue to send the hair back seeking a new colour.

  • Melbourne Human Hair Extensions will respond to your email with an RMA number and a postal address.
  • You will be required to post the Halo Hair Extension back to Melbourne Human Hair Extensions using Express Post or Registered Post at your cost.


To qualify for an exchange, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The Halo Hair Extensions must be in perfect, unworn condition. If there is evidence suggesting that it has been worn after it was taken out of the packet, the exchange will not be accepted and the hair will be returned to you.
  • There must be no damage to the hair, the wire or the clips.
  • The packaging must be preserved and in its original condition.
  • The exchange must be sent to us with a copy of the original order number


We are committed to the highest hygiene and hair sanitation standards at Melbourne Human Hair Extensions. As such, if there is any doubt that your Halo Hair Extension has been worn, an exchange will be declined. We pride ourselves on health and safety standards and will not compromise on this.

Melbourne Human Hair Extensions

Melbourne Human Hair Extensions