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Wedding Hair Extension Service

We understand that your Wedding Day is one, if not, the most important day in your life. It is your day to feel like an absolute princess.

Brides spend countless days visiting fabulous wedding boutiques throughout Melbourne looking for that perfect dress.

By the time the dress, shoes and jewellery has been purchased and the venue has been booked, the bride has very little time left to explore the vast range of hair options available for their special day.

Luckily , we have taken the guess work out of Bridal Hair Extensions. We have years of experience and have engaged in countless hours of research .

Our Hair Extensions Specialists can run you through the options to either by phone or at our Melbourne CBD Salon

You can choose from Wefts , Clips Ins , Ponytail and Halo Hair Extensions . We provide all, using only 100% Remy Human Hair. Yes, that’s right, no synthetic hair. Your Wedding Day is too important for synthetic hair.

During your Bridal Hair Consultation we will discuss the Bridal Hair look you are trying to achieve. Do you want to wear it up? Down? Straight? Curly? Yes, the choices are endless!

We will then have a chat to you about the permanency of the Hair Extensions. Do you want to unclip them the second the day is over? Would you like a simple Hair Extensions piece that you can slip on the day after your wedding? Are you going on a beach honeymoon and want to be sure that the Hair Extensions you have applied are going to last through the days in the sun , sand and water ?

So many things to think about, yes?

Let us guide you through the Bridal Hair Extensions selection process .

Then, once you feel fully confident about your selection we can chat about hair colour matching, timing and booking in a return visit to our Melbourne CBD salon to take one final look at the Hair Extensions before your big day.

Sound good?

We hope so.

Give us a call on 0439 349 946 to discuss in more detail.