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Melbourne Human Hair Extensions | 0439 349 946

Why Choose Remy Human Hair Extensions?

As the world of Human Hair Extensions is so vast, many of us are left clueless and sometimes even confused regarding which type of hair to go for and what to avoid.

The burning question is, ‘are you looking for quality Human Hair Extensions?’

If you answered yes, Remy Hair is the highest quality hair available.

Remy Hair is often difficult to acquire because of its soft, beautiful, tangle-free properties.  Remy Hair is most certainly a premium product which is in high demand.

At Melbourne Human Hair Extensions we have searched the world over and are excited to say that we have sourced the most exceptional Remy Human Hair.

The striking feature of Remy Human Hair is that the strands of Remy Human Hair are equal in consistency from roots to the end.  Yes, the uni-lateral cuticle direction, means that all the hair follicles are pointing in a single direction.  Also, Remy Human Hair is only very lightly processed, which really helps in eliminates tangling issues.  Furthermore, Remy Human Hair can be curled, straightened or dyed.

“Remy” is often a misused word in the Hair Extensions industry.  Be careful, when you see the word “Remy” on packs of Hair Extensions, as it is often not the true definition of Remy Human Hair. It is for this reason that you need to be careful when searching for Remy Human Hair Extensions.

Just remember, “real Remy Human Hair is soft, consistent in length from roots to ends, blends perfectly with your natural hair and does not tangle often.”

Before you get your Remy Human Hair Extensions, be sure to read reviews, assess the reputation of the company and always enquire about the salon’s processing method.

Granted, real Remy Human Hair is a little more expensive but we assure you that this means that your Hair Extensions will look and feel better and last longer.

Remember, the beauty and longevity of Hair Extensions all boils down to selecting the highest quality hair and then maintaining that hair.  If you have Remy Human Hair Extensions applied and then you also work at professionally maintaining the Hair Extensions, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle-free beautiful and natural-looking hair for months on end.

Melbourne Human Hair Extensions proudly use only Remy Human Hair and we also have a comprehensive list of maintenance and After Care Tips which we would love to share with you.

Feel free to contact us at Melbourne Human Hair Extensions today on 0439 349 946 to ask questions, get guidance or to book in for your Hair Extensions Application Service.

We pride ourselves on being Melbourne’s premier Hair Extensions provider.