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Tape Hair Extention – Pros & Cons

So, you are in the market for Hair Extensions?

You have spent time researching. Exploring countless Hair Extensions sites, reading blogs, phoning Hair Extensions salons and talking to people you know.

You have no doubt been exposed to a range of opinions and varying expert advice. Understandably, every Hair Extensions salon or business will provide you with a list of advantages which are specific to their preferred Hair Extensions method and products.

Allow me to introduce myself before explaining my views on Hair Extensions.

My name is Travis George. I have 30 years of hairdressing experience and have spent the last half of my career specialising in Hair Extensions. I consider myself a self-confessed Hair Extension devotee and expert.

I have had 3 Hair Salons (Sydney and Melbourne), I have my own Hair Extensions business, I supply Hair Extensions to salons throughout Australia and I am a Hair Extensions trainer. I think this puts me in a pretty good position to share with you some valuable Hair Extensions advice.

I came from a family of 5 and one of my Mum’s worst nightmares was getting chewing gum, tape or anything sticky out of our hair. We were hysterical and it either took her countless hours or worst still, she had to resort to using scissors to cut out the stick mess. Year later, I totally understand why sticky things in a child’s hair was my Mum’s worst night. That is why I avoid Tape Hair Extensions at all costs. Here are some other facts which back up my position to avoid offering Tape Hair Extensions in my salons.

  1. Tape Hair Extensions were designed for short term useg for photo shoots. They were not designed to stay in the hair for up to the 6 weeks (much like other Hair Extensions techniques).
  2. Tape Hair Extensions are not simple to reapply. Whilst Tape Extensions are simple to apply during the first application, this is not the case when it is time to have them reapplied.

Have your ever phone a salon looking make an appointment to have your Tape Hair Extensions re-applied only to hear the salon is booked out for an extended period? I often receive calls such as this from customers and unfortunately, I have to decline removing and reapplying their tapes as this is a very difficult task, which involves:

  • Apply oil to separate the sandwich.
  • Wash the natural hair to remove excess glue.
  • Blowdry the natural hair.
  • Remove excess glue from each Tape Extension.
  • Apply fresh tape to the top of the Hair Extensions.
  • Re-apply the Tape Extensions in the exact same position on the scalp.


  1. Tape Hair Extensions are highly visible. Whilst tapes are great because they sit flat and comfortably on the scalp, the are also regularly highly visible. With the average size of a tape piece being 1 inch and salons often not knowing how to skilfully place them, they are often visible to others, particularly if a client flicks their hair, or pulls their hair up, or has an oily scalp or worst yet, is exposed to a gush of wind.
  1. Tape Hair Extensions require considerable daily maintenance and much effort to keep them in good condition and looking great. Due to the chemical composition of the glue, there are some strict guidelines to adhere to:
    1. It is essential to use Sulphate free Shampoo and Conditioner.
    2. The client must wait 48 post the application before they can shampoo.
    3. Conditioner must be kept away from the roots or there is a risk of the tapes slipping down the hair shaft.
    4. Due to the use of glue, clients must avoid using a hot Hairdryer on the root area.
  1. Tape Hair Extensions regularly fall away from the scalp. Due to the fact that tapes are attached with glue, they quite often slip away from the scalp. Contributing factors are the heat from your Hairdryer, the heat caused by the sun, showers which are too hot, etc.
  1. Damaging to Natural hair. Regardless of how well you look after your Tape Hair Extensions when it comes to removing the tapes, there will always be a certain amount of damage inflicted. Any fine or damaged/weak hair will get stuck to the tapes and break off, no matter the skill or strength of glue remover.

For those who have tried Tape Hair Extensions before and are not certain (or are totally sure) that it is not the ideal technique for them or for those who are wanting to try Hair Extensions for the first time, we recommend considering the Microbead Weft Hair Extensions as applied by Melbourne Human Hair Extensions.

Read through our site for more information (and videos) on the technique and please phone us anytime on 0439349946 with questions or to arrange a consultation at our Melbourne CBD Salon (by appointment).