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Why Women (and Men) Choose Hair Extensions?

Why Women (and Men) Choose Hair Extensions?

Ever wondered what types of people have Hair Extensions applied? You would be quite surprised.  It is not only Instragram Influencers or top celebrities.  It is the girl sitting next to you in the office, the barista who makes you coffee, your Auntie, your Pilates instructor, the receptionist at the Doctor’s Surgery.  The list goes on.

Some are looking for semi permanent extensions which they can wear over a few months or few years (such as Weft Hair Extensions), others want a Hair Extension that they can quickly apply and remove (such as a Halo Hair Extensions) and others want Hair Extensions which will allow them to temporarily “glam it up” (such as Ponytail Hair Extensions).

We have only just touched the surface.

Wonder what other reasons our clients have for wanting Hair Extensions?  Let us explain a few.

Colour Transformation

Many of our clients have advised us that they have wanted to try daring new colours, or simply a colour they have never been before.  Many of our clients have just been too concerned that hair colour would cause irreparable damage or they might never be able to return to their original colour.  Are you a blonde, who has always wanted to be brunette? Or a brunette who has wanted to be a blonde? Hair Extensions, whichever method, provide an opportunity for clients to highlight their hair, have a mixture of colours, or even try balayage.  What better way to transform oneself.


We have had so many clients phone us complaining that their hair is so fine that it leaves them feeling drab and that it prevents them from creating incredible hair upstyles.  This is probably one of the most common complaints that we receive.  Hair Extensions, particularly Weft Hair Extensions are perfect for giving natural hair extra body and bounce.


Some clients are unsure whether they want to commit the time or the effort to growing their hair out, others have recently visited a salon and unfortunately, received a horror haircut that is far too short for their liking, others have hair which takes far too long to grow.  Whatever the scenario, Hair Extensions have proven the perfect solution for our clientele.  90 minutes at our Melbourne Hair Extensions Salon is all it takes to go from ultra short to ultra long and sleek.

Weddings, Parties, Anything

We regularly have brides, debutantes, girls attending formals, women preparing for engagement parties, young women getting ready for the 18th or 21st visit our salon for Hair Extensions.  Their needs are different, with all wanting different types of extensions but their desire is the same, they want gorgeous locks for their special event.  Hair Extensions allow them to have options (colour, upstyles, ponytails, etc.).