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Reasons Why Women of Melbourne Are Choosing Hair Extensions

Women have been applying Hair Extensions for thousands of years, with the use of Hair Extensions dating back as far as the Ancient Egyptians in 3000BC.

Oh and did you know that there have been several reports that Cleopatra was a huge fan of Hair Extensions? Yes, rumour has it that she was a passionate fan of extensions, with her absolute favourite colour being peacock blue.

Since 3000BC Hair Extensions have come a long way.  Hair Extensions are now far more comfortable, more natural looking, softer, silkier, less visible to the naked eye and non-damaging.

What are some of the main reasons that the women of Melbourne choose to have Human Hair Extensions applied?


Increased Length

A high proportion of women find that their hair will not grow beyond a certain length and they are understandably frustrated by it.  No matter how gently they treat their hair, which products they use, how they maintain their locks, nothing seems to stimulate growth.

The bonus of Hair Extensions is that women can continue to slowly grow their natural hair, whilst temporarily getting a boost to the length.  Some women find that after 12 months, their natural hair has grown to a point where they no longer need to continue to apply Hair Extensions.


Colour Experimentation

We have all visited our Hair Stylist with a photo of our dream hair colour or, some of us have even attempted to achieve that dream colour at home.

As you are aware, achieving that perfect shade is never easy.  There are so many variables when it comes to colouring natural hair.  There is also the risk that lightening one’s natural hair can result in damage.  For example, drying the hair out.

It is for this reason that women are applying Hair Extensions as an alternative to dyeing their natural hair.  Hair Extensions allow women to:

  • Mix and Match Colours to achieve the perfect look.
  • View colours in advance and decide on the one that will best work for them.
  • Achieve stunning balayage results without causing any damage to the natural hair.
  • Be daring and try more outrageous highlight effects, without the fear of permanency.


Added Volume

Women of Melbourne who have fine hair regularly contact us and express their frustration that they cannot easily style or curl their natural hair.

Women who were either born with thin hair or who have experience hair thinning over the years, tell us that it impacts on their confidence.  They want to be able to replicate some of the more modern styles but they struggle to do so.

What these women are after is volume.

Weft Hair Extensions are particularly effective for this.  Women who visit Melbourne Human Hair Extensions can choose just how thick they want their hair to be on the day.  We can apply as many or as few rows of wefts as needed.  It is a process that we work through together, achieving that fine balance between ensuring that the Hair Extensions are not too heavy on the fine hair, whilst at the same time, transforming the hair from looking fine and limp to simply voluminous.

Not only do the Weft Hair Extensions provide instant volume when they are applied, when the weft microbeads are removed, there is no stress on the natural hair, the natural hair does not get stuck to unsightly glues and no hair is lost, other than the hair that would naturally shed from your scalp.


Increased Styling Options

It is not only women with fine hair who complain about struggling to style their hair.  Women all over Melbourne report difficulty with creating some of the incredible styles demonstrated to them on social media or their favourite blogs and websites.  Women want an increased number of styling options but without the appropriate length and volume, it is almost impossible.

Weft Human Hair Extensions are incredible for instantly making one’s natural hair more interesting.  Hair Extensions allow women to create any of the hundreds of types of braids, buns, plaits, ponytails and upstyles.  When it comes to Hair Extensions, the options are absolutely endless.


If you have any questions about Weft Hair Extensions or Hair Extensions in general, the team at Melbourne Human Hair Extensions would are here to help.  Simply phone our Hair Extensions Specialists on 0439 349 946 and they will provide you with all of the information you need to take the plunge.


p.s. Don’t forget, if more permanent Hair Extensions are not for you, Melbourne Human Hair Extensions also have a range of alternatives such as the Secret Hidden Hair Extension, Clip In Extensions and Ponytail Extensions!